Andrija Hebrang


Death record

The record concerning the death of arrestee Andrija Hebrang from Belgrade was written in the prison of the Ministry of the Interior of the Federative People’s Republic of Yugoslavia (MUP FNRJ) on 11 June 1949.

Present wre:

Commission members: 1. FNRJ assistant public prosecutor Bogdan Perovic (Perović), 2. Prison head Pavle Baljevic (Baljević), representing the FNRJ Interior Ministry 3. Medical expert Dr. Jovan Bjelic (Bjelić).

Note-keeper: Nikola Miksevic (Mikšević)

Start: 0545 hours

Based on a decision of the FNRJ Public Prosecutor of 11 June 1949, B-216/48, the commission including the aforementioned parties arrived at the MUP FNRJ prison, where it was assumed that arrestee Andrija Hebrang had committed suicide by hanging.

Upon entering the room occupied by arrestee Hebrang – the commission found Hebrang dead. The identity of arrestee Hebrang was established through the prison’s administration and his identity card.

Arrestee Hebrang was found half-hanging from the upper part of the radiator. The noose was made from the edge part of the bed sheet. The torn strip was one metre long. The knot of the noose was on the neck. The body was in a diagonal position, with the face turned to the floor; the arms were relaxed by the body. The corpse was dressed in pyjamas – upper and lower parts.

No injuries were visible on the corpse.

The foreign items found in the room included: bed with sheets, table, chair, and a small suitcase containing personal belongings.

The body was then turned over to the medical expert Jovan Bjelic to establish the cause of death.

Upon examining the corpse, the medical expert said:

I examined the corpse of arrestee Hebrang and concluded he was dead. Considering the position of the corpse and the fact that the strangulation ligature furrowed deeply into the flesh of the throat and neck and that it was purple, that there were no traces of other injuries on the trunk, head and extremities, and that the nape area was free – I concluded that death ensued after hanging as a reflex action to the discontinuation of breathing and blood flow.

Taking into account the aforementioned statement by the medical expert and the lack of circumstances which would point to the commission of a criminal act, the commission concluded that arrestee Hebrang had committed suicide.

The prison’s administration was recommended to bury the corpse of arrestee Hebrang.

End: 0650 hours.

Note-keeper: Nikola Miscevic

Commission members: 

  • Bogdan Perovic
  • Pavle Baljevic
  • Dr. Jovan Bijelic