Andrija Hebrang


Forgotten victims

Crime breeds crime. To prove Andrija’s “treason”, the investigators and other comrades, lacking evidence, set upon looking for “witnesses”. Many of these innocent people have remained forgotten, the fate of many is unknown. Below are some of their names according to available information.

Ljudevit Cacic aka Lujo

A former speaker on a partisan radio station in Otocac and telegrapher of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Croatia (CKKPH), he died at Glavnjaca under unexplained circumstances. Milatovic tortured him to extort a confession that he had been an Ustasha spy. Cacic (Čačić) managed to inform his wife about how they tortured him: during one night of torture his hair turned completely gray. He also had a premotion that he would be executed soon. Cacic’s wife was thrown out of her apartment with her child. She was never able to find out what had happened to her husband.

Mito Despotovic

Data unknown. Killed at Glavnjaca.

Marica Djoic

Data unknown. Killed at Glavnjaca.

Bojan Kugler

Data incomplete. Until his arrest he worked as an agronomist at the Ministry of Industry. Convicted at a rigged political trial. Served a time sentence.

Ahmet Ljubijankic

Data incomplete. He was in an Ustasha prison in 1942. Arrested in 1948 and charged with being an Ustasha, convicted at a rigged trial. Served a time sentence.

Barica Opic

Data incomplete. Arrested for having been in an Ustasha prison with Olga Hebrang, prepared as a “witness”. Convicted in May 1951.

Bogdanka Rasic-Seka (1920-1951)

Arrested in 1948, “committed suicide” in May 1951. “Investigated” at Glavnjaca for having been an Ustasha spy. She was pregnant, miscarried due to torture, was prepared to testify against Andrija. She was the daughter of the Pakrac Orthodox priest Danilo Podunavac. She had been in an Ustasha prison at the same time as Andrija and Olga Hebrang, they were exchanged at the same time in 1942. Udba claimed she had “hung” herself at Glavnjaca. The Glavnjaca administration turned her dead body over to the family on 16 May 1948 without any explanation or documents as to why, where and how she died. (Andrija’s hearing began on May 31!)

Franciska Srebrenjak

The Ustasha had killed her husband; she was a widow when she was arrested on 20 September 1948. “Committed suicide” at Glavnjaca. The Ustasha arrested her and Andrija on 25 February 1942. She was released after two months due to lack of evidence. Milatovic and the comrades accused her of collaboration with the Ustasha and the Soviets.

Josip Saban

Incomplete data. He died in prison during “investigation”. The Ustasha arrested him in 1942; he had been a pre-war communist.

Milan Zugelj

Data incomplete. Died in prison during “investigation”.

Tibor Vasko

Under torture, he agreed to testify against Andrija. Convicted to 20 years in prison as the head of the second anticommunist department of the protection police for the city of Zagreb and the Prigorje parish. He was brought to Glavnjaca from Stara Gradiska.

Marija Veselko-Kanjuh

Incomplete data. A “witness” against Andrija at Glavnjaca. Fate unknown.

Josip Zdero

Incomplete data. Prepared as a witness at Glavnjaca. Fate unknown.

Ivan Stimac

Incomplete data. One of the possible “witnesses”. Fate unknown.

Vinko Djigovski

A prepared witness, he was a Navy Lieutenant in the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) Navy. Fate unknown.