Andrija Hebrang


The Glavnjaca log sheet

Starting with 17 May 1948, Udba’s officers started keeping a log sheet, recording what went on in the prisoners’ cells. The prisoners were given pseudonyms, thus Andrija Hebrang was Sremac, Zujovic (Žujović) was Lala, while Olga Hebrang was Sremac’s wife or She. The officers would change every three hours. Glavnjaca’s head, Major Pavle Baljevic (Baljević), had instructed those on duty that they must not address investigators by either name or rank. Notes were entered in the log sheet at the end of their shift, but Sremac was not supposed to see when the comrade was writing. The last report by the officer on duty listed in The Hebrang File’s sources is dated 11 June 1949, which is consistent with the false documents in Mile Milatovic’s book The Case of Andrija Hebrang. The aforementioned list of sources mentions 117 documents which may be assumed were subsequently included in The Hebrang File. Interestingly, the list mentions part two of The Hebrang Log Sheet 1949-1952 containing 570 pages of notes. In 1952 The Hebrang Log Sheet had only five pages. Milatovic’s book The Case of Andrija Hebrang was published in late May 1952.