Andrija Hebrang


It is impossible to hash-up everything!


What are we going to do about those who were arrested, executed?... Now

we know that the victims of repression were innocent. We have

irrefutable evidence that they, not even from far the enemies of the

people, were honourable men and women, devoted to the Party. the

revolution, the Lenin idea of building Socialism and Communism... It

is impossible to hush-up everything. Sooner of later, those who are in

prisons, camps, will walk out of there and return to their homes. And

than they will start talking about what have happened to their

relatives, friends, comrades... How to pretend that we don't know what

happened?... We know that it was the rule of repression and autocracy in

the Party and the Congress, we must say what we know...In the life of

every persons who had committed a crime a moment arrives when the

confession ensures him at least a forgiveness if not absolution...

The first confession to Communist crimes in the so-called "secret

report" by Nikita Hruschev, the first secretary of the Soviet Communist

Party, at the XX Congress, on February 24, 1956.