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Book of the dead

Changed name

Chronology of life and disappearance of Andrija Hebrang

Communist crimes

Contract killing

Counter-intelligence Mined Graves

Croatia – Hebrang’s sin

Death record




Dragan Stanic

Forgotten victims


The Glavnjaca Log Sheet

The Hebrang File

Homeland War

Ilona Gobec

Ivica Skomrak

The Marketing of the Communist Dogma

Marshal Tito's killing fields

Mile Milatovic: The Case of Andrija Hebrang

Milovan Djilas


Olga Hebrang

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Review of Croatian history

Sreten Zujovic

Theory of submission

The Ustasha as Witnesses

Ustasha records written in the Cyrillic script

Vida Tomsic

Vladimir Frajtic